Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowd Lending Inc.?

Crowd Lending Inc. is a private, secure and uncomplicated way for qualified investors to discover, analyze review and invest in commercial real estate. Crowd Lending Inc. brings previously-vetted real estate properties to potential investors, along with the ability to appraise details of the property, review legal documentation and perform other forms of due diligence. lets you make knowledgeable investment decisions on a virtually limitless platform of financial opportunity.

Who are Crowd Lending Inc.’s Investors?

Crowd Lending investors are accredited investors throughout the United States with similar goals. Our investors understand the potential of commercial real estate investments, but for a variety of reason, have had the opportunity to invest in real estate.

Why should I invest with Crowd Lending Inc.?

We take the mystery and uncertainty out of commercial real estate investment. We simplify the process and offer single-click document execution to bring you easy access to thoroughly vetted commercial investment opportunities. Our founders bring 20 years of total experience gained in commercial real estate transactions that exceed three billion dollars. Their vast knowledge is your assurance that only investment opportunities with considerable potential are shared with you.

How secure is your platform?

Very. We make use of one of the Web’s most secure and successful cloud-based environments. We apply encryption to your private data both in transport and in our database. The result is the highest possible data security.

How does Crowd Lending Inc. execute documentation?

Your investment is initially posted on our platform for your review. At that time you will be able to examine draft documents. All signatures are electronically implemented, with a fully-executed electronic version emailed to you and also stored in your investor dashboard.

Are there investment limits with Crowd Lending Inc.?

Our investment minimums begin at $50,000.00 USD per share. Please be aware that Crowd Lending Inc. reserves the right to alter this at any time. There is no maximum investment amount with Crowd Lending Inc.

What types of investments does Crowd Lending Offer?

Crowd Lending Inc. makes investments in residential flip and flips, condominium conversions and commercial multifamily housing, industrial properties available to you. Our platform leverages the micro-market know-how of our partners and their ability to create substantial deal flow.

Who is responsible for decisions made in an LLC?

Crowd Lending Inc. is the managing manager of the limited liability company that owns all the loans. Crowd Lending Inc. is responsible for all the day to day operational and lending decisions.

Who is responsible for the management and maintenance of the asset?

Each asset is the responsibility of an experienced Borrower with the requisite background and experience on their asset class.

What fees accompany investment with Crowd Lending Inc.?

Unlike other real estate investment companies and money managers Crowd Lending Inc. doesn't charge the investors any fees.

When will I see a return on my investment?

Your money will begin accruing interest immediately upon it’s deposit with Crowd Lending Inc. The interest will accrue annually with returns paid quarterly. You will have the opportunity to compound your interest payments to increase the overall return on your initial investment.

Are Crowd Lending Inc. investments risky?

Like all forms of investing, commercial real estate entails risk. As an investor, you must be prepared for the potential loss of all of your investment. If this will render you unable to survive financially, or you are unwilling to accept the potential to lose the capital you have invested, we do not recommend you invest with us, or anyone else. With that fact established, we understand the value of total due diligence, deep underwriting of potential investments and other basics that reduce your risk. We are committed to offering only investments that meet our stringent criteria for information. Your investments will be backed by commercial real estate.

Can you describe the Crowd Lending Inc. investment process?

Prior to investing with you will have to provide evidence that you are an accredited investor as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once that occurs we will coordinate the submission of your investment and accept payment via check or money order. Your money will then be used to issue loans to qualified borrowers with qualified projects. The minimum investment period is only one year.

How will Crowd Lending Inc. update me on my investment?

Our investors can use their desktop, tablet or smartphone to receive and review real time updates to their investments in their online portfolio. As an adjunct to real time updating, we encourage our investors to post to the Q&A section of the ongoing investments.