About Crowd Lending, Inc.

Crowd Lending, Inc. is a vertically integrated, regional direct lender that sources, underwrites, funds and services commercial real estate loans throughout the Northeast. Crowd Lending, Inc. delivers a fast, flexible and reliable lending opportunity for builders, developers and commercial real estate investors.

Crowd Lending, Inc. was started by two veteran real estate professionals with over forty years of combined real estate experience. The founders, Christopher Fiumara and Daniel Najarian, have participated in all aspects of a real estate transaction including development and management, funding, and legal aspects of numerous real estate transactions, large and small.

Both Chris and Dan have been on the development side, so they know what it takes to get a deal to close. Chris and Dan use this experience to make sure each owner-operator is a strong candidate for the funding, with the proper background and experience to complete a project. They also use this experience to make sure the owner-operator is getting a product that best suits their needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Crowd Lending, Inc. to discuss your options.

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