About Crowd Lending, Inc.

Crowd Lending, Inc. is a vertically integrated, regional direct lender that sources, underwrites, funds and services commercial real estate loans throughout the Northeast. Crowd Lending, Inc. delivers a fast, flexible and reliable lending opportunity for builders, developers and commercial real estate investors.

Through its management of Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC, Crowd Lending, Inc. offers a private, secure and uncomplicated way for qualified investors to discover, analyze, review and invest in commercial real estate. Crowd Lending, Inc. brings previously-vetted real estate properties to potential investors, along with the ability to appraise details of the property, review legal documentation and perform other forms of due diligence.

About Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC

Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC ("The Fund") was formed to provide investors with a short-duration, high-yield alternative to traditional fixed income investments. The Fund's objectives are to: (i) preserve investor capital (ii) provide quarterly cash flow to investors (with the option to reinvest) and (iii) achieve a return on investment as large as possible. The Fund invests in loans collateralized by commercial real estate, including single- and multi-family fix and flips, condominium conversions, industrial, commercial, new construction, multi-use and raw land. Loans are predominantly secured with first-lien mortgages against the aforementioned real estate and are supported by conservative loan-to-value ratios. The management of the Fund is vested with Crowd Lending, Inc. The Fund benefits from proprietary deal flow sourced by Crowd Lending, Inc. (www.CrowdLending.com) – a vertically integrated, lending platform and the manager of the Fund. Since its inception in 2016, the Fund has grown to have significant lending power and is currently targeting additional strategic partners to assist in growing and expanding the Fund.

Whether you are an investor looking to put money to work or a borrower looking for a loan, Crowd Lending, Inc. utilizes a common-sense approach to lending that will insure our investors are protected and our borrowers receive the correct product.

Crowd Lending, Inc. was started by two veteran real estate professionals with over forty years of combined real estate experience. The founders, Christopher Fiumara and Daniel Najarian, have participated in all aspects of a real estate transaction including development and management, to funding and legal aspects of numerous real estate transactions, large and small.

Both Chris and Dan are invested in the fund so, as Chris likes to say, "our money is in there right beside each investor’s." We treat all investors as we would want to be treated.

Both Chris and Dan have been on the development side, so they know what it takes to get a deal to close. Chris and Dan use this experience to make sure each owner-operator is a strong candidate for the funding, with the proper background and experience to complete a project. They also use this experience to make sure the owner-operator is getting a product that best suits their needs.

If you have any investing or borrowing questions please feel free to contact Crowd Lending, Inc. to discuss your options.

A Common Sense Approach in an Uncommon World.

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