Common sense commercial real estate lending in an uncommon world.

Crowd Lending, Inc. provides fast, flexible and affordable lending solutions for builders, developers and commercial real estate investors in the Northeast. As manager of Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC - a diverse, asset-backed investment vehicle -
Crowd Lending, Inc. also provides investors the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate.

Who We Are

Crowd Lending, Inc. is a Boston-based company, founded by experienced real estate professionals. We provide borrowers with hassle-free, affordable alternatives to institutionalized lending. Additionally, through the management of Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC, we provide investors with a safe, secure, real-estate backed investment vehicle.

Our Mission

Crowd Lending, Inc.’s mission is to link real estate investors with real estate developers by providing a vertically integrated, lending platform that successfully, and securely, connects the two.

Who We Serve

Crowd Lending, Inc.’s financing alternatives appeal to a broad spectrum of business men and women in the commercial real estate market – builders, developers and investors. Through the management of Crowd Lending Fund One, LLC, Crowd Lending, Inc. appeals to investors looking to diversify their portfolio and maintain security in real property, but who may not have had the opportunity or wherewithal otherwise.

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