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Crowd Lending Inc.'s lending platform provides borrowers with a myriad of products to suit their needs. Crowd Lending Inc.'s common-sense approach and quick decision-making process allows borrowers to have the confidence that their next project will be funded. The wide array of lending options also allows more choices for those borrowers allowing them to analyze multiple deals simultaneously.

Crowd Lending Inc. understands the need for speed in the private money lending space. We understand the opportunities can be executed quicker with hard money lending. We can close our deals within ten business days from the execution of a commitment letter. We are an asset based lending platform structure.

Targeted Properties

  • Condo conversions
  • Rehab
  • Single family construction
  • Income providing commercial or multi-family property

Loan Process


Term Sheet

Crowd Lending Inc. issues preliminary term sheet



Borrower submits application and deposit*

*For most deals, the Crowd Lending Inc. deposit is $1,500.


Crowd Lending Inc. vets the deal



Crowd Lending Inc. loan closed and funds are released

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Monthly Payment Calculator

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Monthly Payment

Total Interest

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